session permissions change without warning (HELP)

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I run Apache2 and PHP5 and most of the time it works fine with my scripts.

Then occasionally, and it doesn't seem to make any difference when,
I'll get php session errors, saying that that permission is denied.

I've checked the /private/tmp folder (desig in php.ini) for permissions
and it's fine (drwxrwxrwt). But here's the weird bit. when I first hit
a website, it places a session tmp file in /private/tmp just like it
should, with permissions of:

-rw------- nobody wheel

Then suddenly without warning I'll get session errors from the PHP
scripts and the session files will have changed permissions to:

---------- nobody wheel

Does anyone have ANY idea why the session tmp files would change
permissions like that? Can't find anything on google and I'm stumped.

running on:
Mac Mini 256/40
Apache2 and PHP5 installers from


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