Session not available in Include file

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Anyone got any ideas why I wouldn't be able to output a value stored in the
session array in a particular include file - I am using session_start() but
to no avail.


Re: Session not available in Include file

Hmmm, I've just noticed something else that may be important to diagnosing
the problem here - when I try to access my include directly in the browser
on it's onw the code works fine. (the include has a php extension which is
why I can access it).  So it would appear that it's because it's an include
that there's a problem - I am using require_once to include it.


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Re: Session not available in Include file

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please post some code to make it easier to help you!


Re: Session not available in Include file

Well, I know the code to set the session is working because if it's not I am
redirected from my secure url

Anyway, for what it's worth here's the code

User logs in by posting credentials to login.php which checks the database
to make sure he's registered and then if he is executes the following code
to set the session

  header("Cache-control: private");
  $_SESSION["auth"] = trim($_POST["username"]);

logged in user is then redirected to a protected page
the protection code resides in an include and says

  header("Cache-control: private");

 if (!isset($_SESSION["auth"]))
   header("Location: ".$myWwwPath."login.php");

This works fine - if the user tries to access the page without logging in
they are successfully redirected

On all pages on the site I want to have an include file
which when a user is logged in displays a table with their login info - i.e.
$_SESSION['auth'] so I made and included the file

<?php include("config.php");?>

if (isset($_SESSION["auth"]))
<table border="0" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0">
<td align="center">
<img src="<?php echo $myWwwPath; ?>resources/images/key_icon.gif"
<span>Logged In As:</span><br/>
<span><?php echo $_SESSION["auth"];?></span>
<?php }

Incidentally, config.php doesn't make any output to the browser or contain
any blank lines.

echoing $_SESSION['auth'] in the include produces nothing!

I'm a php newbie as ASP and ASP.NET is my normal environment.  Could it be
something to do with scope as the include is included in another include?


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