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HI All:

I have not worked with PHP much and need to do some session management
as follows.

We have an App. Server which gets  requests from an outside server and
communicates with our existing POS system. Let's call this Server1.

Then there is another web server (Usually developed by third-party),
which is supposed to get some FORM data and send it to Server 1. Let's
call this Server 2.
I have written Server1 and also created a sample server2, both written
in Java deoployed on Tomcat.

Now, the way the server2 communicates with Server1 is through http
post. Server 2 registers with Server 1 and gets a cookie that uses for
further requests.
Now, this works fine. Server 2 sends a request and then look for the
response body of the post and parses that.
Here comes the issue. One third party company that we are starting to
work with is Using PHP to write Server 2. According to their engineer,
in PHP, he doesn't have the facility to access the post response. He
has to somehow tell Server 1 to redirect the response to another
script on the Server 2 side.

He is saying that the way I am processing the post response (on my
demo Server 2) is due to hooks available on tomcat which is not
available to him in the PHP world.
Any idea how I can do this in PHP ?  I am running PHP5 on Ubuntu.


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