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I'm currently experiencing a problem using sessions under php 4.4.2. I
store variables and objects inside session variables, and all works
well under php 5.x, but when I upload those pages to my hosting
(tiscali italia business) the whole site and session variables seem to
work at the beginning, but after a variable number of request
(sometimes the second, sometimes the fifteenth page requested) all the
site get stuck, every request from the site domain 'hangs up' from this

But the site isn't really stuck, any request to a page (plain html or
php+html) that not use sessions (without session_start()) works well
and these type of pages are sent to browser.

If I make requests from another browser, but from the same host, or if
I switch to another client host, a new session is created, I can
navigate through a few pages and after some requests I experience the
problem again.

Notice that after about thirty minutes (a sort of timeout?) I can
navigate again from this host+browser.

So, after these tests, I'm pretty sure that the problem is caused by
some stranges behaviours of sessions, but I don't know if I didn't
consider some hosting provider's php.ini session settings, or if it
could even be a bug or an unexpectedly weird handling of session

Thanks everyone for any clue you would give me to resolve this problem.

-- Lorenzo

Re: session hang problem wrote:
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Did you try asking your hosting provider?  If you're having this  
problem, chances are others are (or have been), also.

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Jerry Stuckle
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Re: session hang problem

Hey Jerry,

In PHP v4.x.x, you need to use session_start() -- But (as it goes) in
PHP 5.x.x you don't need to. I'm not sure if I can back that up because
I use PHP 4 myself.

If thats not the answer, then yes, contact your Hosting provider for
details on (maybe) php.ini -- for the session handlers (such as
session.save_path, session.use_cookies, session.use_only_cookies, etc)
-- There could be a misconfiguration. But it's always nice to check it
out :)

Hope this helps, -Rob

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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Re: session hang problem

Robert wrote:
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Actually, unless you have the session auto-started in your php.ini, you  
need to call session-start() in PHP 5, also.  I'm running 3 servers on  
PHP 5 right now.

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Definitely.  When I have a problem like this which seems to be host  
related, the first people I talk to is the hosting company.  If I'm  
having the problem, chances are others have, also.  And it could be a  
misconfiguration - or even a restriction in the way they have things set up.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

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