Session garbage collection query

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I just have a couple of questions regarding sessions.  I read the php
manual but I just wasn't clear on a couple of things.

I am using the following to control my sessions:

I want the garbage collector to kill a users session the second a user
closes their browser (or as quick as possible).  Am I doing correct
above ^ to achieve this?

Also, are there any security issues with having the 'session.save_path'
set to a directory like above or should I perhaps have it set to
somewhere like "../../sessions/sess/"?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Session garbage collection query

Although what you wrote looks ok to me, the only way to be sure is to
do some testing, and actually watch the server create and destroy the
session files.  That way you will be sure it is behaving the way you
want it to.  You can use a browser like Firefox to look at the session
id in the cookie created by your site to pair up a browser session with
a session file on the server (it will be named with the session id).

Also, I'm not so sure about that session.save_path.  Seems to me that
should be an absolute path, starting from a drive letter in Windows or
root in *nix.

Mickey wrote:
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Re: Session garbage collection query

Mickey wrote:
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You can't do it.  Your system gets no notification when the client  
closes their browser.

About all you can do is set a timeout long enough that an active user  
doesn't get frustrated, but short enough that the sessions don't hang  
around forever.

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