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Hi all,

I have a quick question about using SSL... I am running
PHP/MySQL/Apache, and am currently using session variables to log users
in.  Obviously I would like to be able to offer more security, i.e. in
conjunction with SSL, BUT I have heard in the past that using SSL
drastically cuts down on the number of users a server can handle, and/or
slows down all accesses, I'm assuming because of the entire
encryption/decryption process.  My question is is this true, and if so
does anyone know exactly how it affects it, or does anyone have any hard
data/links to documentation on the matter?

I have tried Googling for this info for the past half hour but amazingly
have found nothing, so either it is not an issue or I am just trying all
the wrong keywords.  Thanks in advance.


Re: server question

Very sorry for the double posting... my news server program was acting
up and it seemed as if it did not post, so I retyped it... sorry for the

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