Server Push - Cross-Platform?

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Folks, lots of stuff around re "multipart/x-mixed-replace" , which
isn't supported on MS browsers.  But i understand that they DO support
an alternative server-push approach.

I've Googled without success so far, so I wonder whether anyone here
has some pointers to subject matter?

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Re: Server Push - Cross-Platform?

ashore wrote:
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Try one of the MS groups.  This wouldn't have anything to do with PHP  
(other than maybe creating the html being "pushed").

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Re: Server Push - Cross-Platform?


on 12/29/2007 02:29 PM ashore said the following:
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You can use COMET. It is an alternative way of performing AJAX requests
without keep polling for server responses.

You may want to try this forms class that comes with an AJAX plug-in
that uses a COMET implementation based on hidden iframes instead of

iframes are consistently supported in all browsers, so portability is
much better than using XMLHttpRequest or multipart/x-mixed-replace requests.

Here is a live example of submitting a form and receiving multiple
asynchronous updates from the server depending on the progress of a
server side operation.

In this example case it was used to process a submitted form, but it can
be triggered by any browser event that is not really related with forms.


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