$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] weird browser problem

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Somehow when I am using $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] to determine which
subdomain I am on, it works fine in Firefox and not in IE. Doing some
debugging, I found that the string returned was empty for IE, but had
the expected subdomain in Firefox.

I found the same to be true for $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']

Any idea on how to resolve the issue? I thought that the PHP would be
browser independent since it is processed server-side, but it seems
like IE is not passing headers?

Re: $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] weird browser problem

op12 wrote:
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Just to let you know ive had the same problem, cant seem to find a  
reason why. Can anyone shed any light on this?


Re: $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] weird browser problem

*** op12 escribió/wrote (31 Aug 2006 22:28:05 -0700):
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Have you enabled display_errors and set error_reporting to E_ALL? Are you
using sessions, cookies or JavaScript?

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