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I want to be able to create a sendmail account by commands sent from a web  
page.  I am using php.  After everything is done, I want to enter his info  
into the database (easy) and create this sendmail account.  Can anyone give  
me pointers to explanations/excamples?  I have done a quick search on the  
web, but haven't turned up anything.  In addition, I do NOT want to create a  
regular user account on the server -- only a sendmail account.


Re: sendmail account setup

Shelly wrote:
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It depends entirely on how sendmail validates users.

The default under unix is to use the UNIX accounts.  So to create a  
sendmail account you would have to create a user account.

It also depends on which MTA you're using.  For instance, I use exim  
instead of sendmail.  I have set Exim up to handle email accounts  
through a MySQL database instead of the system.  The result is to add an  
account all I have to do is insert a row in a MySQL table.

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Re: sendmail account setup

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AFAIK, there's no difference between a regular UNIX account and a  
"sendmail account", least there wasn't when I was working as a UNIX  
admin.  Perhaps you mean you don't want users to have shell access and  
only access their mail remotely via POP or IMAP.  But those type of  
accounts still have a password file entry (or an entry in NIS).

Can you explain what you mean by both terms?

And as an aside, I'd rethink using php for this tool.  Instead, I'd use  
perl as there are a lot more CPAN modules that might help out.  
Regardless, you'll have to run this tool as a CGI with CGIwrap rather  
than from Apache as a built-in module.  It will have to run as root  
rather than as the Apache userid.

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