sending ssh2 command

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I would like to send an ssh command to our ssh server from which i would  
liek to read the output.
I get stuck with following lines:


$ip = 'server';
$user = '****';
$pass = '****';

$connection = ssh2_connect($ip, 22);
$shell = ssh2_shell($connection,"bash");

$cmd = "rrs -l -p42011";
$stream = ssh2_exec($connection, 'rrs -l -p42011');
*** Above line shows what i actually want to get the output from but it just  
seems to run, run, and run till it finally times out (but works nicely if  
entered in the console manually)... but the next line (which is marked as  
comment) gives me a valid output after seconds. I'm totally stuck here, if  
anyone could help me, that would be great!***
//$stream = ssh2_exec($connection,'ls -la');
while($buffer = fread($stream,1024))
  echo $buffer;

Thank you for any hints or suggestions!

Re: sending ssh2 command

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a second try actually gives following output:
"[i] using plain-text communication "
any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: sending ssh2 command

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Would anybody know how to help tho? Would be highly appreciated! Thank you!  

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