sending mail to Kerio MS

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Hi, I hope someone can help,
I'm trying to get mail out from a form to a php page using the mail()
function. Nothing happens. The server is W2003 and the mail application is
Kerio Mailserver, not sure which version (I don't have full access to the
The code is making teh call is OK, because as a workaround the page was
placed on another ISP's server. I'v eplayed around with the php.ini file
settings and no luck. Is there a Kerio setting or something else that could
be changed to get those mails moving?

Thanks for the help,

Re: sending mail to Kerio MS

Dave wrote:
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Try asking about Kerio in a Kerio support group.

 From the php end, your mail server needs to accept the email from PHP.  
  I don't know abut Kerio specifically, but other mail servers need to  
be properly configured to do so.

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Re: sending mail to Kerio MS


on 01/17/2008 01:04 AM Dave said the following:
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Maybe that SMTP server requires authentication. PHP mail() function does
not support authentication.

If that is the case, you may want to try the MIME message package that
comes with a replacement for the mail() function named smtp_mail() which
supports authentication. Take a look at the test_smtp_mail.php

You also need these other classes together:


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