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Hello all,

I've to send some reports to a mailing list.

Those reports must be created by datas stored in mysql, using PHP.

- my first idea is to create PDF files that can be sent by email or where a  
link to them is sent to every user.
- the second is to create an dynamic link to a php page with the same idea,  
send a HTML or text message with a link for the report.
The idea of the message to be sent with all content is that the user may  
print it directly (with PDF) or with the email reader for HTML.
The worst thing is that if the email reader is a webmail, then everything is  
printed, and the user should only have the final report.
Also PDF is not installed everywhere.
The idea of the dynamic page is that even if the user comes after 2 weeks,  
the datas are up to date, and in my case I don't need to keep non up to date  

It's there any way to send an HTML code with "<I Frame>" on it, where I may  
put the content of the generated page, and outside the iframe I may place a  
"print" button.

Complicated, I know, but the idea is to let people print the clean list as  
this will be shown on many walls on many parts, and it will be printed by  
people having a real difference in Internet knowledge (some only know how to  
receive and send emails).

So any idea or suggestion would greately be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Re: send reports by emails

Bob Bedford wrote:
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Even PDF may be a mystery to some of your users.  PDF bites.

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I'd just send a link, this will probably help:


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