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I want my web server to send me an IM if I'm on AIM whenever someone submits  
a "questions request".  The reason is I want instant notification if a  
question is asked and I am online, but don't want to clutter my mailbox with  
hundreds of redundant messages.  I've thought of a couple ways I could do  

1) I figure out the AIM TCP protocol and write my own, probably very buggy,  
implementation of it inside PHP to do it.
2) I install some instant messaging software on the server, like AIM or GAIM  
or trillian, and maybe this software has a plug-in capability that allows me  
to send messages with it.
3) I use some third party thing written to send AIM messages.  This could be  
either PHP code I would directly use, or maybe a command prompt script I  
could run written in C++ or some other language.

Has anyone tried to do something similar to this before?  What's the best  



Re: Send IM from PHP

What you would write is essentailly an AIM bot.  The bot script would
have the added bonus of being able to check your email.

You need three things:
1. Cron job to kick off your script every x minutes

2. Script that can check for new email messages

3. Script that can ping your AIM address

Links are simply some I found after a quick browse - I don't
necessarily recommend the actual packages.


Re: Send IM from PHP

Jack Lindamood wrote:

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I used to be involved with the Everybuddy project, which has mostly
disappeared these days. This was a highly modular IM framework which
(importantly) could be used for sending IMs from the command line. Would
be just what you need I think -- unfortunately the project has gone the
way of the dodo.

See if you can grab a copy of "EB-Lite alpha-13".

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: Send IM from PHP

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