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Quick & simple question:
I have to send the next data to a socket in order to make a popup visible on
a windows machine..

TITLE Title of popup [enter]
TEXT Text in popup [enter]
POPUP [enter]

$s=socket_raw_connect($host,$port,15,'TITLE Test \nTEXT Text in

function socket_raw_connect ($server, $port, $timeout,$request) {
  if (!is_numeric($port) or !is_numeric($timeout)) {return false;}
  $socket = fsockopen($server, $port, $errno, $errstr, $timeout);
  if(!$socket) { echo "Opening socket error"; exit(); }

  sleep(10); #Wait for program... bug :-)
  $put=fputs($socket, $request);

Now, I have tried the whole scala of \r \n \r\n x0a etc.. for \n but it
doesn't seem to work..

Anyone a bright idea???

Thanx in advance,

Re: Send binary data to socket

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A firewall blocking the connection? What port are you using?

BTW: I hope you're not writing an adware.

Re: Send binary data to socket => solve

Seemed the app. expected a timout between the commands..

No, it is _not_ an ad aware whatsoever :-)

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Re: Send binary data to socket

Ok.. Seems the information was too little :-)

here we go with a little more info:

A friend of mine as programmed a simple popup kind of thing.
I made a scheduler in PHP,  but to assure we don't forget any todo-items I
thought it would be a nice feature to let this scheduler (running on LINUX
server with apache/PHP) send messages to (in this case) my windows machine.
(e.g: call php page with aid of crontab)

Now, this friend has a reputation with Delphi (pascal) and programmed a nice
little popup application.
To use it I have to connect to (if local) port 12345 (with SSH /
putty raw connection) and after entering the Tilte of the popup, text and
the final POPUP command, I see a nice popup with the text I entered...

So the commands entered in the PUTTY window are quite simple:
TITLE Title of popup window
TEXT  text in popup window

Now what I have to do (in php duh..) is sending these commands to the
So  my thought would be creating a socket to the (windows) machine with the
popup-thing running and send the commands..
But it just doesn't seem to work..

If anyone of you can help me out.. PLEASE!! :-)

Thanx in advance,

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Re: Send binary data to socket

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For this kind of thing it makes much more sense for the client to poll the
server across port 80. That way your program would still work when there's a
firewall between the two.

Re: Send binary data to socket

Funny, thought of that last night myself :-)

Still, it was a nice learning-thing ..

Thanx all for your time..


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