selext next id in table?

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I have 2 tables. 1 is supposed to contain the id of the 'next' item to be  
viewed. from the other table, which has the data and also an id column.

my problem ishow do I make a set of statements that UPDATEs the id (we'll  
call it pid) with the next row of the table, advancing it like a cursor,  
wrapping back to the beginning of the db?
the DB is a version 4 database with MyISAM tables.

I don't even know if it can be done outside of a tablescan+PHP.
I have some broken code like this:
$q1=mysql_query("SELECT pid FROM idx", $link2);
if ($row1=mysql_fetch_assoc($q1)) {
 $q2=mysql_query("SELECT pid FROM cpg133_pictures", $link2);
 while ($row2=mysql_fetch_assoc($q2)) {
 $i=array_search($row1['pid'], $a); //search for idx's pid in sea of  
coppermine's pids
 $i++; //next picture. sorry. tried random. doesn't work.  get same pix  
every time.
 mysql_query("UPDATE idx SET pid=$a[$i]", $link2) or  

Can this be done with queries?  

Re: selext next id in table?

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oops. wrong newsgroup.  but if you think you can help, I'm open to  

Re: selext next id in table?

Jim Michaels wrote:

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   Enable logging on MySQL, and see what queries are actually passed to  
the DB?  That will give you a clue where things are going wrong.

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