Selecting alternate master dictionary with pspell functions

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Is it possible to select an alternate master dictionary when using the  
pspell interface? There is a way to select a personal dictionary  
(pspell_config_personal()), but that is used IN ADDITION to the default  
master dictionary, which is not what I want.

I have a different English dictionary I wish to use, and I do not want  
to use the default dictionary at all. However, I do not wish to mess  
with the existing installation of aspell on the machine by removing the  
dictionaries in place.

From the command line I can just do:

   aspell --master mydict.rws

but there seems to be no way to simulate the "--master" argument using  
the PHP interface. Likewise there seems to be no way to provide the  
"--size" argument.

On a related note, are there any examples anywhere of how the 'jargon'  
parameter might actually be used? In every example I can find it is  
blank, and all references to it in documentation are elliptical at best.

I know I can do all this by piping to the aspell binary but with the  
volume of text I'm looking at that's going to be really really slow.

Thanks for any help.

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