Seeming "Auto-Submit" without my creating or wanting it

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I am running PHP5 in Eclipse.  I downloaded HTTP_UPLOAD from to play with the functionality.  They have a nice example
but it is not working for me...

Here is what is happening - the example includes a form where you
select a file and submit.  When I run the code, though, it acts as if
I have already pressed the submit button and I always end up with the
error "No file was provided."

The form and the php code that responds to the submit are in the same
php file and I watch as I debug and it just goes right through
everything on the page without stopping.  Same when run without
debug.  Same thing when running from the command line.  I have also
tried separating the form into one file and the php code into
another.  Same deal.

So I am wondering if there is a problem with my PHP install or

Anyone have any ideas?


Re: Seeming "Auto-Submit" without my creating or wanting it

Is there a condition in the form handler code specifying that certain values
must be set before processing the form?

Maybe add a form value like <input type="hidden" name="checkit"

Then, in the PHP code, enclose the form handler code inside the following:

if(isset($_POST['checkit']) && $_POST['checkit']=="check")
    ///// handle the form here

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Re: Seeming "Auto-Submit" without my creating or wanting it

I don't know - now its working and I have not done anything (on
purpose) to change the behavior (no wrapping if clause).  Weird.  This
is the hard part about working with a new language - the question is
always - is this expected, a bug, or user (developer) error.

Thanks for the response.


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