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                            ROBERT MAAS
                        Sunnyvale, CA 94086
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             e-mail: resC17.3.CalRobert [at] SpamGourmet.Com

OBJECTIVE:  Part-time job writing software such as Web-server applications

SUMMARY: 10+ years experience designing & writing software
  Major application areas:
   * Instructional/educational software
   * Smart/expert systems
   * Calculations in support of scientific research
   * Automation of business systems
   * Web-based economic system
  Programming languages:
   * PHP, including use of MySQL queries
   * Lisp (on 6 platforms)
   * Java (on 3 platforms), including: applets, JDBC/ODBC, JSP, J2EE servlets,
      XML parsing (SAX), GUI (AWT & swing), JavaDoc
   * C (on 4 platforms)
   * Assembly/machine language (for 7 different CPUs)
   * C++ (on 2 platforms)
   * Visual Basic
   * Fortran (on 5 platforms)
   * JavaScript, including calls to methods in Java classes
   * Perl + shell
  Platforms (programming environments) include: Unix/Linux shell, CGI,
    Macintosh systems 6&7, Microsoft Windows, and many others.
    Currently specializing in Web-server applications specially tuned to
     work well on cell-phones with 1-inch screens

  * Wrote programming module to find longest matching segments between
    correct answer and student's guess, and to present all the correct
    matches back to the student in correct sequence for further edit,
    which allowed computer assisted instruction software to test/coach
    short-answer and fill-in-blank questions.
  * Implemented my effective flashcard-drill algorithm, whereby anyone
    regardless of disability or young age can learn vocabulary and
  * Wrote program to lay out text and graphics, including arbitrarily-
    complex nested mathematical formulae, for printing or display.
  * Wrote module to perform interactive derivations in differential
    calculus and related algebra, which allowed students to create such
    derivations and get them immediately graded as part of
    computer-assisted instruction.
  * Wrote software for very-low-overhead packet-based communication,
    which allowed effective use of low-speed modems that were the only
    modems affordable at the time.
  * Wrote program for adaptive compression of text data, typically
    achieving 3:1 compression with ordinary text and 5:1 compression with
    tabular data similar to spreadsheets.
  * Wrote program for computing predicted vibrational spherical harmonics
    for NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) measurements of large organic
    molecules, and plotting results both as function of excitation
    frequency and parametrically one measurement against another, to
    distinguish whether particular molecular bonds were mostly fixed or
    oscillating or freely rotating.
  * Wrote program for payroll, which included deductions etc., at a university,
    and achieved greater speed and accuracy than previous non-computer method.
  * Wrote program for pre-registration (allocated students to desired
    classes as much as possible, and detected classes that were over- or
    under-enrolled) at Santa Clara University, which allowed classes to be
    automatically planned several months before the school term started.
  * Completely designed and programmed a system for watching for
    newly-arriving e-mail, distinguishing spam from legitimate e-mail,
    parsing headers to find injection IP number, building and maintaining
    database of spam-complaint addresses for IP blocks, automatically
    composing and sending spam complaints within a minute of newly-arrived
    spam, which relieved me of the burden of doing all that work manually.
  Details of recent activities & accomplishments:
  Current work in progress: Building multi-host (distributed)
    PHP/MySQL system for establishing an online economic system based
    on labor rather than money, see

  * Compiled a top-level meta-index to the InterNet, listing all the major
    lists and indexes that were available online 1991-1996, allowing
    Internet users to find important information before the World Wide Web
    and search engines existed.
  * Compiled (in 1996) an index of information and advice about dealing with
    network abuse (mostly "spam").

Programmer/Analyst  IMSSS, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics major) from University of Santa Clara, CA
Computer-programming classes at De Anza College, Cupertino, CA

SKILLS/BUZZWORDS/PHRASES (in alphabetical order):
1620, 360/370, 6502, 68000, 8080, acia, algol, altair 8800a,
anti-spam, applet, archie, arpanet, assembler, awt, bachelor of
science degree, balanced binary trees, bitmapped image of graph to
parameterized lineaments, bitnet, blockade puzzles for 3-yr-olds or
dan quayle, bnf-driven type-checking, c, c++, cai, calculus, canonical
representations, card input, cgi, class-assignment, client/server
telecommunications, clustering, cmucl, cobol, college graduate,
combinatorics, computer-assisted instruction, console typewriter,
consumerism, cross-reference, data compression, ddt, dec pdp-10,
destructuring, device interfaces, diablo disks, diet optimization,
differential algebra, differential polynomials, dm2500 emulator,
docindex, dom, eqd, expert system, file maintenance and indexing,
finger, flashcard drill, forth, fortran, four-phase iv/70, fractals,
frontpanel, ftp, gcd, generalized computer dating, graph hockey, gui,
hashing, heapsort, help-net, hermes, high-level languages, html,
hypercard, hypertalk, i/o device interrupt handlers, ibm 1130, ibm
1620, ibm 360/370, image processing, imsss, indexing, info-nets,
information retrieval and indexing, intel 8080, interval arithmetic,
interval refinement stochastic mapping, inventions, its, j2ee, j2se,
java, javadoc, javascript, jdbc, jsax, jsp, jsys, kermit, large prime
numbers, lattice manipulation, laying out text, linux, lisp, listserv,
maasinfo, machine language, macintosh, macintosh allegro common lisp,
macl, maclisp, macsyma, mail, mainsail, mathematical research,
mathematical-formula printer, mathematics, mathprinter, mensa,
meta-index, microsoft windows, mos 6502, ms-windows, mysql, natural
language understanding, net-relaxation, netnews, netscout, nmr
relaxation, note, nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation, numrel,
nutritional diets., odbc, opacs, os traps, packet-based data
communication, packet-based telecommunications, pacs-l, payroll,
pcnet, pdp-10, perl, permutations, php, pnews, pocket forth, portable
standard lisp, porting, pre-registration, prettyprinter, principal
differential ideals, processing and rendering remote-sensing
multi-spectral images, programmer/analyst, proofreading,
proximity-hashing, pseudo-random numbers, psl, putnam contest, pvm,
rdrlist, redhat linux, reduce, rlisp, rmail, rmi, rn, rsa
cryptosystem, rscs, s-expressions, sail, save/restore environment,
sax, segmat, servlets, sesame c, shortanswertests, single-step
debugger, sl, software engineer, sokoban puzzles for 3-yr-olds or dan
quayle, sort/merge, space exploration, sprouts, standard lisp,
stanford, stipple, sunos, svc202 commands, swing, syntax&semantics
checking, syscalls, telecommunications, telnet, tenex, terminal
emulation, text compression, toolbox traps, topindex, top-level
meta-index, tops-10, uci-lisp, university payroll, university
pre-registration, unix, us citizen, usenet, uuo, vb, versaterm, virus
detection and removal, visual basic, visual c/c++, vm/cms, waits,
wilbur, word problems, wordprob, writing & public info, www, xml,
zmodem, zterm.

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