Seeking beta-testers for a new reportingtool

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I'm in the process of wraping up a 0.9-version of a new reporting-tool
I have been developping for the past months. I want to invite 2 or 3
people to beta-test this new, exciting tool!

My tool is class-based. (ie: you need to be able to use classes, so if
you don't know OOP 1) please learn, you'll love it! 2) don't try to
test my new tool :-) )
The users I have in mind are PHP-programmers that create online
applications. (Not CMS'ses, that won't be of much use.) I would like
my testers to be experience programmers (+5 years programming, +3
years PHP.)

You would be in the process of creating a online application at the
moment, and the client want LOTS of (complex) reports. You know how to
generate the SQL-code, but creating all those reports is a lot of
work. My tool can make this easy!

(At the moment, my code cannot deliver graphs of any kind. If you need
those, wait till the  next version :-) )

I will send you a date-locked byte-code .php file, and all
documentation (which is not yet available online.) I would like from
you bugreports, and a general feeling if this is usefull (to you, or
to others!).

You will, of course, recieve a free copy of the 1.0-version! (which I
plan to sell for $ 145,-)

If you are interested, please let me know.

Paul Wiegers

Re: Seeking beta-testers for a new reportingtool

Hi Paul,

I've got to say, the idea of this tool is brilliant! I am waiting on
such a tool for a long time.
I would like to help testing your product.



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Re: Seeking beta-testers for a new reportingtool

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I work as a web developer for a medium sized company that is ran
completely through it's website. We're always looking for reporting
tools, so if you're interested in testing you can email me at


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