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Hi all ,

  I need to Security Matrix in my php project.

   The Security Matrix are Administrator , Engineer, Storeman and
   One of my peers said to make php project more robust, he asked me to
use byte value as security matrix. For example as shown below:

                     User id      Name                Security Matrix
                          1          A                               15
                          2          B                               1
                          3          C                               2

    from table above user A is 1111
(Administrator,Engineer,Storeman,Customer) , B is 0001 (Customer) and C
is 0010 ( Storeman)

  My question is how i am going to check if the user is Administrator
or Customer or etc ?
  Any php function to check it?


Re: Security matrix

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It's jsut plain and simple boolean math, althou I have no idea how this is  
going to make it "more robust"...

When checking if a bitfield has a certain bit set, you use a bit mask and a  
bitwise operation to compare them.

15 as binary is 1111, 1 is 0001 and 2 is 0010

Now, let's say user level of admin requires the fourth bit to be set, you  
use a bit mask 8, 1000 as binary. Now to bitwise operation, we'll use AND  
operation for comparison:
1000 & 1111 = 1000, now since 1000 is "not null", it's true, the guy really  
is an admin. Now, what if he was storeman, say 0010. Again compare to 1000  
using AND:
1000 & 0010 = 0000, it's null, the user isn't admin.

So basicly you just define the user right masks and use them to check the  
user level.

$customer = bindec('0001');
$storeman = bindec('0010');
$engineer = bindec('0100');
$admin    = bindec('1000');

if( $matrix & $admin )
    echo("Hooray, you're an admin!");

if( $matrix & $engineer )
    echo("You're an engineer, good for you!");

if( $matrix & $storeman )
    echo("Just a storeman!");

if( $matrix & $custoimer )
    echo("Boo-hoo, nothing but a lowly customer!");

Again, I see no connection between "robust" and this here, this is just a  
way of storing multiple values to a single integer, but the reason this is  
quite handy is that you can be an admin and an engineer at the same time as  
"1100", but for example a normalized database would not allow multiple  
values in one field, each field should be assigned one boolean field in a  

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Re: Security matrix

What you are describing is a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system. Take a  
look at

Tony Marston

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