Searching multiple db's from within a form

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I have a form I am developing for my company that will be used to begin
our quoting process. I have normalized my data and have an interesting
problem that I am trying to solve. So far, I am drawing blanks and I
hope someone can nudge me in the right direction:

My form has numerous input fields and my logic is that IF the submit
flag is TRUE, submit the data to the db, otherwise, display the form.
One of the fields is for a Part Number (pn). All my Part Number data is
stored in a seperate db from my primary one.

How (or can I) can I search the pn db when the user enters a pn in the
pn field BEFORE the submit button is pressed? I have tried using the
ONCHANGE flag with the input tag....


Re: Searching multiple db's from within a form

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onchange= in the input tag or onsubmit= in the form. No matter which way
you choose, you have to store every single part number in a java script and
check the input field against the js array with the numbers.

However, you *have* to check the value server side, too, since people might
have no java script (or it is deactivated) or maybe the data is not even
entered in a browser but in a client written for your script. Wrong data
injection can be done a lot of ways, most of them are not even offensive
attempts, but a mistake.
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Re: Searching multiple db's from within a form

I noticed that Message-ID: contained the following:

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You could make it a two stage process.

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Re: Searching multiple db's from within a form

Thought of that, however it seems a little "clunky", however looks like
the way I'll have to do this.



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