Search Function with XML Results

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I want to add an Accessible search function to our website - the only
way I can do this is to find a search system that can return its
results as an XML document.

I am currently using which is a great search system but
only returns the data in HTML (really old HTML too).

Another one I have found is FusioBot - this DOES return XML but I have
no way of being able to exculde parts of the page (eg the navigation -
I don't want every page to come back as a match for 'Contact' just cos
it is a word in the nav).

Again - FusionBot offers a soulution to this (by using index and
noindex tags) but these would make the page fail Accessibility checks.

I have been looking into this for weeks now - does anyone have any
alternatives or suggestions?  We want the search function to be a part
of our site - not an external thing like Google Site Search.


Rick Huby

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