Search facility on a web site?

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I would like to add a search engine facility onto my website. This way,
if anybody uses it to search my site they will be presented with a page
of results where their search query matched that contained within the
page's text.

I have done something like this for news articles but these are
articles that are stored within a database so a simple SQL query would
do. For this it would actually need to search the HTML page (ie.
<p>This text here would be subject to the search</p>).

I have read about Google's API. Is this what I would use (or something
similar)? Does this allow you to customise the design by only providing
the required link in, perhaps, an XML format that can then be processed
using a PHP script? Do I need to install software onto the server for
this to work?

Are there any other providers (ie. Yahoo) that offer a similar service
to the Google API?

Is there perhaps an alternative to the above suggestions for searching
a website?



Re: Search facility on a web site?

I think this is what you mean...

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