Search Engine Recommedations anyone?

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I'm working on a large intranet site (650+ docs) and we would like to have a  
search engine.  We are using PHP & MySQL (of course we also are running  
Perl), and it would be nice if it could search the db description & title  
fields as well as the document tree.  Most of the scripts I've seen aren't  
very robust ("no more than 50 docs", etc.), and I'm concerned about using  
the Google site search because the documents are confidential and I don't  
want the links or data to end up in a commercial db somewhere.

I could probably write one myself, but that would take a lot of time since  
I'm new at PHP, and rusty on Perl & Javascript (been away from coding for a  
couple years).  Plus...who wants to reinvent the wheel?  Any suggestions?


Re: Search Engine Recommedations anyone?

Chris wrote:

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Large? You need to get out more Chris.

MnoGo (formerly udmsearch)


Re: Search Engine Recommedations anyone?

Ok - point well taken- but the largest site I've worked on by myself - it's  
only a team site, not the whole intranet.  Nonetheless, many basic scripts  
I've seen seem to only be able to handle less than 50 pages, and the Perl  
scripts that can handle more seem to only have instructions for setting up  
on Unix.  Although the site may be deployed on Unix/Linux, my test server is  
Win2003, so not sure if I should go the route of Perl...may end up with  
conflicts on deployment.

I did just find one called "Perlfect Search" which states that it is  
compatible with both.  It's free and open source.


"Colin McKinnon"  
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