search 2 tables to get different session

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I have sipmle logging script that cechs is user exist in user_table and if  
pasword is corect.
know I want to serch 2 tables user_table and admin_table to lock if person  
is user or admin
if admin I want to set one kind of permitions (to se specific pages) if  
user to se.
that is the best way to do it?
should I set session to "user_id" and "admin_id" to se who is logget in?

Thanx in advance

Re: search 2 tables to get different session

add a field to the user_table which has a groupd setting say
admin == 1
logged in == 2
anonymous == 3
and so on
a small look up table to get the assocaited permissions for each group
and this would be all one query using a join.

When you have validated the user also get his group id and group

on the other hand if different users have different permissions try
make a user_id/permission_id table. On Validation check what permission
set that user id is associated with and then retrieve the same from
your admin table  

take care

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