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I've been building a community web site and it has been a mountainous
task trying to find adequate scripts to do the job for each task. That
doesn't even take into account the fact that the individual scripts
don't talk to each other, e.g. vbulletin doesn't necessarily speak to
my classifieds script. I find it almost impossible to have all of them
integrated while they reside in different dabases. A couple of
thoughts that I am sure have occurred to others before:

1) I came upon, which has a very nice integrated
collection of perl scripts that are a one fit community. A bit
expensive but it seems to work. Not sure how "quality" some of these
items are and I'm not a perl programmer so I'm not sure I can do
extensions. What are your thoughts? Any other scripts similar that you
might be able to suggest?

2) Regarding installing separate scripts in DIFFERENT databases,
wouldn't this give me a performance increase and be preferable than
having all scripts installed in one database? I'm thinking that not
only is there a performance increase but distributing different files
for backup (even though an additional hassle) it's probably better
since bringing down one database doesn't bring them all down. That
said, if the server goes down, all of them are hosed. So what are the
advantage/ disadvantages to separation or inclusion of all scripts in
one database?

So, what are your thoughts on community web site building? As my php
skills increase, I'm becoming less dependant. :)

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Assuming mySQL is your database:

Well, if all of your tables are on the same database server, then it doesn't
matter either way.

If I remember correctly, I think mySQL makes a folder for each database, and
inside of that folder, a file for each table. If you had a problem with a
table that needed repair, you can repair that one file. So again I don't
think it matters if you use one or several databases.

As for performance, I actually think that you'll see slightly better
performance having the tables in one database if you are using any kind of
JOIN on the tables. Otherwise I really don't think you'll notice a slowdown
from putting all of your tables into one database -- as it's really just one
directory with several files regardless.

Honestly, you'll get more performance increases out of optimizing the table
structures (indexes and proper data types go a long way, that's why they

As for backups, we usually use mysqldump. I think it's just as easy to use
it with one database or several. You really want to dump each table to it's
own file, rather than one large file for each database (which is what will
happen unless you specify a database AND a table.).

I've only once had to bring down a database for a repair, and that was
caused by a hardware problem :)

I think I'm rambling now...


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