Scripted search engine submission - how?

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I am about to build a web site that contains a news section. Basically,
the site owner will login to an admin section and from there, be able
to add news.

What I would like to know is how can that news article (i.e. ) be automatically
submitted to a search engine, such as Google. Is it possible? My
concern is that search engines dont allow this for fear of spam.
Unfortunetely, I cannot ask the intended web owner to do this as their
computer skills may be limited. Asking them to manually submit a
website may be beyond them.

Also, how often does a search engine, such as Google, return to an
indexed website? Whats the estimate if anybody knows? Another way this
could be done is when Google follows through links on the site it may
index newly added articles.

If anybody can give me a little guidance that would be great. Cheers


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Per most search engines they only want you to submit the main domain
name.  No subsequent pages.  Also may I point out that you can use
fsockopen and cURL to post these to search engines.

After you do that you will need to mock the headers of when you are
actually browing (use mozilla firefox with the httpheaders extension).

Now you just have to watch it for when they change the pages and always
check to see if they exist first and them quaranteen them so if they do
switch it just looks like a bookmark.


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