Script to record/updated RSVPs

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Good afternoon,

Good afternoon,

I am looking to find / create a script which will allow visitors a
website RSVP for events.  Users will have a unique ID that they receive
in the mail.  I would like for them to be presented with a form to
enter this unique ID, and then search the database for events that the
user has been invited to.

There will be a fixed number of events, but the user should only see
events that they are invited to, likely the tombstone data will be in
one table, and the events in a second.

The next page would display tombstone info, which can be updated, and
provide an opportunity for the user to RSVP for each event that they
have been invited to.  For example:

         Welcome Mr. Smith

         RSVP Status:

         Meeting XYZ   __ will attend  __ will not attend
         Dinner            __ Will attend  __ will not attend

         e-mail address: ___________
         Name of Hotel: ____________

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to accomplish this??

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Re: Script to record/updated RSVPs

Check first, if they are open source apps available.

Depending on the generalization level I want to achieve, I would maybe start  
with creating 3 database tables:

- events
- persons
- invitations (or events_persons, if you wish. it could imho handle both  
invitations and replies to them)

But it really depends, how flexible system  needs to be done. If there is  
one invitator, there is no need for admins-table. If events are fixed, they  
can be upated with phpmyadmin well enough. Also, are there two hierarchy  
levels events like 1)different kinds of conferences that has 2) different  
kinds of dinners.

I would also carefully think, could invited couples be handled in database  
as one entry/couple. Since making those connections could be timetaking. But  
this depends also, can those invitees split to separate dinners. For  
example, some conferences have other events for men and other for women. And  
then also, who of the two is "default" invitee, like one's son is default  
guest for christmas table, but his new girlfriend is not supposed to come  
ALONE, only with the son.

inv_line (like Mrs & Mr Jones)



Making this a complete app would take some time.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this all from purely altruistic point of view, I might  
be wrong or right or in-between. I don't hold myself responsible of any  
consequences that occur from using these ideas.  

Re: Script to record/updated RSVPs

This table structure is actually quite like what I had designed.  Now I
just have to get the PHP end figured out.

I am playing with MyDBO today, and it looks promising.  What I have
never done before (with my basic php knowledge) is populate a form on a
webpage with multiple records that the user can then edit.

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