Script that works on php4 but not php5

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I've used this script in the past on a local xampp install to parse
dmoz rdf files:

I am now using a newer version of xampp and can no longer get the
script(s) to work. I think it's related to running under php5. It's
not a very complicated set of scripts but my php skills are very
limited. Someone that knows what they're doing can probably look at
the files and figure it out in no time.

From what I can tell, it seems like the queries built in the
"class_parse.php" file aren't being built/passed to the functions in

Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Script that works on php4 but not php5

Scoop wrote:
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"It doesn't work" is not very descriptive.

Normally the best place to look for help on a product is in that
product's support structure, but in this case it looks like the project
has been abandoned.

However, I don't know of too many people who are willing to volunteer
their time to download the project, install it on their system and try
to duplicate your problems.

What you need to do is show us specific problems and the code causing
those problems so we can help you.

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Re: Script that works on php4 but not php5

Scoop escribió:
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The typical answer for "It doesn't work" is "Fix it" ;-)

Anyway... Almost every time I've had problems with a legacy app it's
been due to requiring the register_globals option set to "on".

If it's just a local server (using Xampp seems to imply that) you can
enable this option for this app. (Don't do it in a public server or
you'll have the system hacked in a few hours.)

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