Script stops running during while()

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I have a php script which simply stops midway through a while loop
that processes records returned by a MySQL query. The HTML page
continues trying to load the page but the php has stopped running and
eventually I get a timeout. The script is running in my development
environment which consists of php 4.3.4, Apache 1.3.28 and MySQL
4.0.17, installed on Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

I suspect that there may be a problem with my installation
configuration for a number of reasons:
- I have a new PC and had to re-install php, Apache and MySQL
- The script executed perfectly on my old PC (which I no longer have)
using the same versions of php etc.
- The script executes perfectly in my production environment (which is
running on a Linux server using Apache and MySQL)
- The PC I am using is a work laptop which has been secured down to
the max. I previously had local administrator rights but these have
been recently removed but I can't see how this would just stop the
script running?

I cannot find anything in the Apache error log and there is nothing in
the MySQL *.err file. I have tried increasing the value of
memory_limit in my php.ini file but to no avail.  I have inserted some
tracing into the function to report where the script gets to and have
found that the script keeps failing around the same record - sometimes
it fails a couple of records before or a couple of records after.

I am now stumped for ideas.

Someone please help.......

Re: Script stops running during while()

Damien Renwick wrote:
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I believe the default time limit for PHP scripts is 30 seconds. You can
change that at runtime with set_time_limit(number of seconds), where
set_time_limit(0) means no limit.

By the way, you're not the local administrator of your own development
machine? I don't envy you, I can't imagine having to work like that.


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Re: Script stops running during while()

I had the same problem and when i used set_time_limit(0), the problem was
not resolved!
It just moved away to 60 seconds. When 60 seconds passed, the connection
would be
closed, no matter what. :-( Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Re: Script stops running during while()

Damien Renwick wrote:

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try playing with:




Re: Script stops running during while()

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Thanks for all the advice, unfortunately, nothing has helped.  FYI the
script stops running after about 0.1ms, yes, almost instantaneously
after processing a hand full of records.

Still seeking advice.....

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