Script Modeling (UML)

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When developing more complex scripts or script components, I usually
begin with pencil and paper and roughly diagram the schema before
coding.  I'd like to be a little more formal about it, but I haven't
found a standard model or tool that I feel would really assist me.

I'd like to know if anyone here has a model they find really useful
and/or a free open source tool they recommend.  I guess what I'm
looking for is something that is somewhat flexible and intuitive and
can produce a nice flowchart that represent a script or a part of it.

I've explored the various UML diagrams (
Unified_Modeling_Language), but I haven't found one that stands out to
me as an obvious choice for modeling a complete script (here I'm
thinking in terms of a script that loads files, receives input from
html forms, includes interacting objects, and may involve things like
url redirection or scripts loaded in hidden iframes.)

Can anyone make a recommendation?


Re: Script Modeling (UML)

Microsoft (gasp!) Visio maybe?

I've used it for Database E-R diagrams and such but not UML. Might be
handy though.

Re: Script Modeling (UML)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Although I'm on Windows, I'm looking for open source suggestions.
I've tried Dia ( ), but wasn't smitten with
it.  I did find this list:

Anyone have anything good to say about anything on the non-proprietary
list (ideally, cross-platform)?

Re: Script Modeling (UML)

Okay I found this Its called kivio have a look it looks pretty good...

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