script executes differently when triggered remotely

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I have a PHP script that is triggered by a .forward file when
email arrives.  When triggered, the script retrieves the email using
the php imap functions, processes the email, and then deletes it and
empties the inbox before exiting.  This setup worked fine whether the
script was triggered by an incoming email or manually via shell.

Greetings ..

Recently, however, I noticed that emails were not being properly
deleted before exit when the script was triggered automatically.  But
when I ran the script manually it functioned as expected.  I did some
error checking and discovered that certain "points" in the script
not being reached (seemingly) when the execution was a result of
the .forward.  I can't find any errors in the code that would explain
this, however.

Does anyone have any ideas of why execution of a php script might be
different when I run it via shell vs when it is triggered by
a .forward file?   Could any changes have been made to my server that
would explain the recent occurrence of this strange difference?

Thanks for any insights you have,

Re: script executes differently when triggered remotely

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Maybe you rely on environment variables? Just an idea...

Re: script executes differently when triggered remotely

Paul wrote:
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Or maybe a permissions problem?

Try enabling all errors and logging them to a php.log file.  See if you  
get anything to help you debug it.

Additionally, try writing messages at crucial points in your script to  
an external file, including critical variables which might affect execution.

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