Screem for PHP, Rocks on Ubuntu Linux!

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Hey PHP Fans! If you're a Linux fan and haven't installed Screem to see
if that doesn't become your favorite PHP editor, I highly recommend it.
It's a snap to install on Ubuntu Linux, which has become my favorite
distro even over Fedora and RH9.

Here's why I like Screem:

1. Loads fast in GNOME if you're a GNOME fan and are running that.
Ubuntu comes with GNOME by default. (Kubuntu is for KDE lovers.)

2. Unlike Bluefish, where the auto coloring doesn't kick in and you
have to press a refresh key, Screem automatically highlights stuff as
you type.

3. Is simple enough not to overwhelm you with too many features. The
app designers also know a thing or two about making something intuitive
-- a lot of thought has gone into this.

4. Uses modern GTK+ look and feel, not the older, uglier, almost
Motif-like GTK look and feel.

5. Supports line numbering.

6. Highlights starting and ending curly braces and parentheses.

7. Has some limited help for PHP, CSS, HTML, DHTML/Javascript, etc.,
that comes up fast. (Although, you'll probably want to just download
and bookmark more elaborite PHP help in your browser.)

8. Use the "Site" menu to load a site and lock it as your project
default (so you don't have to keep browsing from root all the time).

9. Supports Find in Files and Search & Replace.

10. Handles enormous PHP files without a hitch.

11. Has no WYSIWYG mode. IMHO, that causes crazy looking PHP pages
anyway in these editors, so I don't use them. If you want to start with
one to get things looking the way you want, consider the
Mozilla-branded one, then export the file and load it in Screem to
complete it.

12. Is stable and doesn't crash (version that comes with Ubuntu).

My hat goes off to the folks who made this thing: David A Knight, Lee
Mallabone, Joe Orton, Sven Liessem, Matt Colyer, and Sven Salzwedel.
This app should get big awards at some awards ceremony or something.

I also want to plug their donation link, if I could:

P.S. Quanta+ used to be my favorite PHP editor, but it was KDE based
and I'm no longer a KDE fan now that GNOME has grown up. (Not to knock
KDE fans -- you keep on doing your thing, my friends.)

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