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I would like to create a "send out scheduled e-mails" function in my
PHP application.
I guess it would be hard to program this function using PHP.
What ways can I implement this?

Re: Scheduled E-mails

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If I were you I would save the emails and the time they should be sent into
some database and then periodically run a script that would send (and mark
as sent) any e-mails that are pending.



Re: Scheduled E-mails napisa│:

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Are you using Linux? If so, you could simply use a cronjob to send
them. :)
Or, if you really HAVE to use php, you could use a cronjob to access a
page with the e-mail sending script with wget:
wget -o /dev/null -O /dev/null yourscript.php


Re: Scheduled E-mails

On Tue, 05 Apr 2005 20:10:49 +0200, Micha│ Wo╝niak

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 PHP has a perfectly good command-line executable that'd be preferable to this,
if available.

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Re: Scheduled E-mails

Andy Hassall wrote:
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And, if you're running Windows, there are 2 cron-like setups: the
Windows Task Scheduler and the "AT" command. Just run "at -?" from a
command prompt to see the options. The advantage AT has over other
Windows methods of doing this is that, as a commandline program itself,
your script can easly alter or add scheduling options for itself.

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