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Currently, I have a database that stores a course schedule.  For

Course Title, Start Time (datetime), End Time (datetime), Mon (T/F),
Tues (T/F), Wed (T/F) Thurs (T/F), Fri (T/F)

I want to take this data and graph it as a visual calendar using

For example:

Time       Monday        Tuesday      Wednes ...
10:00AM    WS1093
10:30AM    WS1093
11:00AM    WS1093
12:00PM                   EH2312
12:30PM                   EH2312
1:00PM                    EH2312

Something like that.  What's the best way to do this?  Clearly, I
could make a an html calendar and load it up with a bunch of if
statements but is there a more elegant way to fill in the calendar?

Are there any classes available to easily do this?

Code examples are very much welcomed!


Re: Schedule

ensnare wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

hmmmmm.. sounds like a school homework project to me... if not, my
apologies..  There are numerous examples of calendaring in PHP, you need
only to look...  Or a novel approach would be to figure it out by
reading the docs like the rest of us...

Coding the forms/tables is a no-brainer, getting the data out of the db
in a manner you can use will be a bit more challenging.

Michael Austin.

Re: Schedule

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Yes, for school but not a homework project.  I'm trying to create a
utility for students to automagically display their schedules.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes, what is the best strategy to go about this in the most efficient
manner.  Retriving from the DB isn't so bad it's displaying the data
that is complicated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Schedule


On 07/08/2004 08:52 PM, ensnare wrote:
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Try this class that does exactly what you ask:

Class: Schedule


Manuel Lemos

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