'scanning' html in frame?

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Is it possible to scan the html or plain text of a frame?

I would like to load a remote page into a frame, then 'scan' the html
for specific content. Preferably, I would like to check for specific
strings of text so that I can call my own functions depending on the
content of the frame.


Re: 'scanning' html in frame?

On 7 Nov 2005 16:58:32 -0800, eclectic_01@hotmail.com wrote:

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 PHP runs on the server, and can't know whether a client has loaded a page into
a frame or somewhere else, so your ordering of events isn't quite right.

 PHP can itself read a remote page (see file_get_contents(), and fopen_wrappers
which allow the filesystem functions to transparently read URLs - this is
enabled on most configurations), process it, and then output that page (with
whatever modifications are appropriate) - you then arrange that this PHP script
is what is loaded into a particular frame.
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