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I've got a tiny little problem :-) with the following code:


function get_styles($dir) {
   $tmp = scandir($dir);  // Line 19
   echo $dir; echo $tmp;
   foreach ($tmp as $key => $datei) {
     if (substr($datei, -3) == "css") {
       $tmpdatei = substr($datei, 0, (strlen($datei) - 4));
       $trimmed_array[$key] = $tmpdatei; }
     return $trimmed_array;

function init_styleswitcher() {
   if (!isset($_SESSION['styles'])) { $_SESSION['styles'] =  
get_styles($cssdir); }


I get these Errormessages, the 2nd and the 3rd are consequences of the  
first I suppose:

Warning: scandir() [function.scandir.html]: (errno 22): Unknown error: 0  
in /home/designw/public_html/styleswitcher/phplib/styleswitcher.php on  
line 19

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in  
/home/designw/public_html/styleswitcher/phplib/styleswitcher.php on line 21

Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second  
argument in  
/home/designw/public_html/styleswitcher/phplib/styleswitcher.php on line 34

This function doesn't work anymore since I try to use it in sessions and  
I don't understand it. Can anyone give me a hint?


Re: scandir

What's the value of $dir?

Re: scandir

Looking closer at your code i think i spotted the problem. $cssdir
needs to have global scope or else init_styleswitcher() needs an
argument passed to it. In this case init_styleswitcher($cssdir).
If you don't want to add an argument to init_styleswitcher() then you
change  get_styles($cssdir); to get_styles($GLOBALS['cssdir']);

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