Saving to a floppy?

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Hey, is there any way to save a file to a floppy disk using php?

The server will be linux and the local computer will be windows.

I need it so the user can put a disk in the drive, hit go, the php page
will create an excel file, save it to the users floppy drive and then
tell him to put another disk in and hit ok to restart the cycle again.
This will continue until all the needed files are build.

I know how to do everything except the save to the floppy part and I am
hoping it's possible.
If it's not, does anyone know another way?


Re: Saving to a floppy?

You would have to bring up a Download Dialog box and have them specify
the location or write some custom ActiveX Control or Java Applet.
There are ways to attempt to force a download in PHP (instead of
opening in the end-users browser).  Take a look at

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