Saving CSV file to read from php

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Let me explain what I am trying to do first. I want to upload a .csv
file from a form page to the redhat server.
Uploading is working fine, I could upload the .csv file to the server.
But when I open the uploaded file using VI editor in the server, I see
"^M" characters and all CSV formats are disappeared. Also "fgetcsv()"
function cannot tell the length of the columns because of the messed
CSV forrmats.

When I saved the .csv file as Windows format in MS Excel, oh I am
using MacBook, it keeps CSV format at the server, but php cannot
access the file.

Anyone have solution this problem?

Big thanks for your help.

Re: Saving CSV file to read from php

On Fri, 4 Jan 2008 11:27:02 -0800 (PST), shyee wrote...
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From a vi editor, I can create the "^M" using the "Ctrl-V" then "Ctrl-M". If you
want to replace with vi you can try...


For the "^M" above you would type that using "Ctrl-V Ctrl-M".

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Re: Saving CSV file to read from php

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The ^M is afaik a representation or \r, so take care of proper line  
endings (or strip \r). If your format also has 'disappeared', I can't tell  
you anymore about it without any output, so show us what else is wrong. An  
URL of some sample data could be more appriopriate as it may be a  
character set issue.
Rik Wasmus

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