Saving a copy of outgoing email

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Hi everyone, I am making a little web interface so that the secretaries
at my dad's office stop getting lost in thunderbird...*laughs*.

Anyways, I have no problem displaying the emails or sending them.

The 1 problem I seem to be stuck on, is how the heck can I save an
outgoing mail into the sent directory of the mail server?  Do I need to
specify special options when sending the email, or can I just create a
copy of the email and dump it in the sent directory?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

BTW I have access to the server, so I can change configs on it if
needed.  The server runs OpenBSD 3.5/Postfix(sendmail

Re: Saving a copy of outgoing email

If you are using the PHP mail() function to do this, I believe it bypasses
your mail client (I don't get the client's info and warning messages that I
do using a "mailto:" link) so the client doesn't even know about your sent
mail.  What you can do is send a copy of the mail back to the sender (using
the cc: header) and format the subject line such that you can filter it out
with their mail client and have it automatically placed in their "Sent Mail"

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