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I need to save the contents of a web page as text in a string.
With file_get_contents I can save the HTML code, but I need only the output
of the pages.
Is it possible to do that with PHP? How?

Thanks to evryone.

Re: Save web page as text file

On Sun, 2010-03-07 at 12:29 +0100, Leo.C wrote:
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yes. With strip_tags()

Re: Save web page as text file

yes. With strip_tags()

No, it's not so easy, because the web page was created with javascript and
flash code, and there isn't the output that I need in the html code.

Re: Save web page as text file

Leo.C wrote:
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Then no, you can't.  PHP does not interpret javascript or flash.

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Re: Save web page as text file

El 07/03/2010 13:46, Leo.C escribió/wrote:
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You are suggesting that you want to write a web browser in PHP with
JavaScript runtime and Flash plugin but, of course, that cannot be true.
My wild guess is that you want a tool to generate screenshots of live
sites so you can offer previews in a link directory or something
similar. You won't be able to do it in PHP. You need to install a real
browser in your server (a browser with a GUI, such as Firefox) and set
up an automated tool to launch URLs and grab screenshots. It can be done
and it's actually been done before but it's a complex and resource
consuming task and PHP is totally unsuitable since it's not adequate to
control GUI apps and access the desktop.

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Re: Save web page as text file

Leo.C wrote:
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Looked like an interesting problem so gave it a shot. The following does
not save to file, but will remove all tags.

Hope it gives you a good start. BTW, I used:

Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers
by Michael Schrenk

as a resource (modified functions came from book)

I am sure there is a better way, but this is what I came up with :D

############## CODE BELOW ###########################

$url = '../index.html';
$web_page = file_get_contents($url);
// Remove all JavaScript
$noscript = remove($web_page, "<script", "</script>");
// Strip out all HTML formatting
$noformat = strip_tags($noscript);

$noformat = str_replace("\t", "", $noformat);     // Remove tabs
$noformat = str_replace("&nbsp;", "", $noformat); // Remove non-breaking
$noformat = str_replace("\n", "", $noformat);     // Remove line feeds
echo $noformat;

function remove($string, $open_tag, $close_tag)
     # Get array of things that should be removed from the input string
     $remove_array = parse_array($string, $open_tag, $close_tag);

     # Remove each occurrence of each array element from string;
     for($xx=0; $xx<count($remove_array); $xx++)
         $string = str_replace($remove_array, "", $string);

     return $string;

function parse_array($string, $beg_tag, $close_tag)
     preg_match_all("($beg_tag(.*)$close_tag)siU", $string, $matching_data);
     return $matching_data[0];

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