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Hi what is the best way to store a multi dimentional array for later. I  
dont know the 'shape' of the array in advance. Is writing to an XML file  
the best option ar are there better ways ?


Re: Save an array


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Depends on what you're using it for.
Serialize() is a nice method.

Rik Wasmus

Re: Save an array

Rik schreef:
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Ic it is im gonna give that a try !.. had never heard of it before :-)

What Im using it for needs a little explenation. Im a psychologist  
working at the Erasmus University. Currently im writing a script that  
can combine all data known on students (grades,iq,gender,and lots more)  
from a growing number of databases for research purposes. I need to save  
the configuration of the combination of databases and settings on wich a  
researcher has been working.

Kinda like a phpmyadmin for dummies with a save settings option :-g

currenty im storing the configuration in a session just to see if it  
works :-)


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