Sample code reediting PHP option names

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Does any one have a sample code for reediting option names in PHP. i.e
To have the a specific option name Bracelet Size be replaced with
Bracelet Size: Guidelines.  Guidelines will be a popup describing How
to measure you wrist size.

Here is the PHP code in my tpl_document_product_info_display.php

          <td class="main" align="left" valign="top"><?php echo
$options_name[$i] . ':'; ?></td>
          <td class="main" align="left" valign="top" width="75%"><?php
echo $options_menu[$i]; ?></td>
<?php if ($options_comment[$i] != '' and $options_comment_position[$i]
== '1') { ?>
          <td colspan="2" class="ProductInfoComments" align="left"
valign="top"><?php echo $options_comment[$i]; ?></td>
<?php } ?>

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