safe mode activated: functions permitted or not ?

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Hi all

   I need to know, whether or not any or all of those functions, are  
being permitted when safe mode is 'On', and the uid/gid of the current  
directory, is not the same as uid/gid of the executing php script (  
apache/apache as module, no suexec )

   Indeed, the current directory has permissions setup such there  
shouldn't be any permission error, from a unix/linux point of view.  (  
Linux/Apache/MySQL server ), i.e.: -rwx---rwx

   For any of those functions, may I be allowed to ask for you, to say  
me whether the functions above either are permitted, or not:

   $fp = opendir('.');

   And also:

   unlink($filename);    // ( in the case the uid/gid of the file is the  
same as the script's one  ( apache/apache ), *and* the uid/gid of the  
current directory is not the same. )

   In the PHP Manual web site, none of the directory functions appear to  
be restricted, however the list is not exhaustive.

   For the touch() function, I think I've a doubt, for there's a comment  
from a developer on the PHP Manual site, saying this function touch() is  
allowed as well, under those conditions.

   As for the unlink() function, that's not clear for me, if the uid/gid  
to be considered, is either the file's one, or the uid/gid of the  
current directory.

   Many thanks for all your responses !

   Thank you very much.

   Best regards.

   Jean-Francois Ortolo

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