Safari interprets 'submit()' as method 'POST'

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I ran into an interesting problem while working on a form:

I have a drop down list (think <form><select><option>...) of 'open
sessions' which a user can choose from to continue entering data.
There is a small bit of javascript which, when the 'onChange' event
occurs, triggers a 'submit' which reloads the page and displays the
stored values for that session using a session ID variable named,

Even though the form's method is set to "GET", Safari insists on
seeing this as a "POST" as a result of the javascript submit call,
while all other browsers I tested (Firefox/Mac, IE/Mac, Firefox/PC,
IE7/PC) interpret this as a "GET".

So at the top of the PHP script, $existingSessions =
$_POST['existingSessions'] will ONLY work with Safari while all other
browsers (which I tested) require $existingSessions =
$_GET['existingSessions'] in order to retrieve the values.

Has anyone else run into this issue? I handled it with a simple
HTTP_USER_AGENT request and an if...else statement. Still, I'd like to
know what's up with this! Is it just because Safari is a semi-sucky

Re: Safari interprets 'submit()' as method 'POST'

On May 11, 10:53 am, wrote:
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To resolve this at the PHP end, you can just use $_REQUEST instead
which is a combination of $_GET, $_POST, and $_COOKIE.

To resolve this in the browser, you can create a submit button in the
form next to the jumpbox, and in the onchange for the jumpbox do
Note that I mean the name attribute of the go/submit button is
'goBtn'. This method will also allow people who don't have JavaScript
enabled to use the go button to change the session. I've run into
strange behavior with form.submit() before, and I had to use instead. I'm not absolutely sure this solution will
fix your problem at the browser end, but it usually fixes my problems
with form.submit().

-Mike PII

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