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  I trying to process an XML file using a XSL but am getting a
Sablotron error ("...mismatched tag") when I entered an accented letter
such as "é".  I tried to play around with the encoding and am
currently using UTF-8.

When I process my XML file using XMLSpy the ouput is fine (the é
letter is properly displayed), which leads me to believe that there is
nothing wrong with my XML file strcuture.

The PHP code that I have is very simple (snippet is below).

xslt_set_encoding($xsltproc, 'UTF-8');
$html = xslt_process($xsltproc, 'arg:/_xml', "file://" .
$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/lib/xsl/XSL_Main_Layout.xsl", NULL,

Any help would be appreciated!

The XML file is

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type = "text/xsl" href =
<content xmlns:xsi=" "
title="Manage User" display_checkbox="false" display_refresh="false"
display_lock="true" filename="CCS_Manage_User" display_menu="Network
Operator Admin" root_table="t_nms_user" display_body="standard"
display_header="true" display_footer="true" help_file="
version="1.2.x" help_subdir="NO">
    <section type="item">
        <item control="true" name="t_service_provider__name" direction="vie
label="Service Provider">
            <value selected="true">Test</value>
    <section type="item">
        <item control="false" name="t_nms_user__username"
direction="top/down" label="Login" disabled="false">
    <section type="button" label="NO" permission="48">
        <button label="Add" target="NMS_Main.php?page=CCS_Manage_User"/>
        <button label="Delete"
target="NMS_Main.php?page=CCS_Manage_User_Table" disabled="true"/>
        <button label="Update" target="NMS_Main.php?page=CCS_Manage_User"
    <section type="button">
        <button label="&lt;Back Manage User Table"

Re: Sablotron error

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 What you posted isn't in UTF-8, but that's not necessarily the whole picture
since perhaps you converted it before posting.

 Could you make the XML file available through a webserver so the raw contents
can be seen?

 If what you pasted _are_ the raw contents, then it's not UTF-8 encoded; the é
looks like the start of a multibyte character sequence so the parser will
consume the '<' trying to look for trail bytes.

 é is two bytes in UTF-8; what you posted is one (and is probably iso-8859-1 or

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