???s scattered about .CHM?

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I just downloaded the latest .CHM file. I'm running it on XP SP2 after  
unblocking it.

For some reason, many portions of the text--including many of the navigation  
links--show as ?????.

Example from the manual table of contents page:

PHP Manual
Mehdi Achour
Friedhelm Betz
Antony Dovgal
Nuno Lopes
Philip Olson
Georg Richter
Damien Seguy
Jakub Vrana
And several others

???? ?''?
Gabor Hojtsy

Copyright  1997-2005 the PHP Documentation Group

Has anybody else seen this? Is there any resolution/workaround? (It would  
probably be no big deal if it weren't for it trashing some of the navigation  
links in the header and footer.)  

Re: ???s scattered about .CHM?

On Mon, 01 Aug 2005 00:07:40 GMT, "Dick Watson"

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 Hm, likewise on Windows 2000.
 Have you raised (or searched for) a bug report? http://bugs.php.net

<http://www.andyhsoftware.co.uk/space Space: disk usage analysis tool

Re: ???s scattered about .CHM?

On Mon, 01 Aug 2005 20:47:04 +0100, Andy Hassall wrote:

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Fine on my Win 2000 box, you usually get this when the font specified isn't
in the local machine, but that is usually only for Japanese, Chinese, etc.
But as the missing line says "Edited by" I wouldn't think that was the

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