Running PHP 4 and PHP 5 together as modules, same Apache

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        I work for a  web provider and we would really like
to start allowing people to experiment with php 5 on their websites
without forcing an overall upgrade and potential code problems.

        Did some extensive searches and have seen ideas about
running php 5 via cgi or using mod_proxy so that if folks access
their site as -- we pass it through to an
apache server configured for php5.

        When the last 'major' php upgrade ocurred from 3 to 4.
It was possible to have folks change their file extension to .php4
and they could use the 'new' version of the language.  While
people who had files ending in .php or .php3 stayed with the 'old'.
Later on as php4 became more common we changed the default handling
so that .php files were handled by the 'new' version and we told
people if they wanted to STAY at php 3, they had to change their
filenames to end in .php3 or add a directive in an .htaccess file.

        That kept everyone happy.

        We have done extensive testing and it appears that both
php 4 and php 5 modules cannot coexist under Linux, Apache 1.3.x
-- and the groups seem to say it's a namespace problem within the
PHP modules.

        Does anyone know of a fix/patch coming for this?
        Many thanks!
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Re: Running PHP 4 and PHP 5 together as modules, same Apache

that is the reason that i dropped php5 off of my systems.  my hosting
service had no way to do it either.  found it very confusing to right
in one php and then have to rewrite back to php4 to use it on my hosts.

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Re: Running PHP 4 and PHP 5 together as modules, same Apache


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On my hosts PHP5 runs as CGI, PHP4 as module or CGI too. By default
scripts are executed with v4, if I want to use v5 I either use the
extension .php5 or change the server configuration with a .htaccess
file. Works quite well.


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