Running PHP 4 and PHP 5 together as modules, Linux, Apache 1.3.x

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        We have been running PHP 4.x on Apache 1.3.x with
no problems.  After the first upgrade from php3 -> php4 were
were able to load  both modules for php 3 and php 4 with no
problem.  With an AddType directive we forced php 3 execution
for just those files ending in php3.

        Thought we could do the same with php 5. We have a
lot of folks on 4 who may not be ready to upgrade yet, so
we were planning on letting php 4 handle anything ending in
..php or .php4 -- and use php 5 for just php5 extensions.

        Did the same thing as before in our Apache Config,
we are running on Redhat 9 -- but can't get both 4 and 5
running together. It seems we can run one or the other, but
not both -- when we start apache we get ONE server process
that just sits there, nothing in the log files?

        After some web searching could not find much, one
guy said there was a conflict in memory management and
you can't run the two together?

        Anyone got this to work and how? Had posted this to
the alt..php group and still looking for a solution?

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