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I have WAMP (PHP5/ Apache runnng on WinXP). I'm accessing the Google
and Yahoo APIs but this is usually very slow. How can I run multiple
processes at the same time? Is there some multi-threading in PHP5?

At the moment, I can't even access the same PHP file -- it will simply
wait for the old process to be finished. So I need to rename the file
-- bla2.php5, bla3.php5 and so on, and open multiple Firefoxes. There
must be a better way right?

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Running multiple threads

You could use a frameset to load multiple pages in the same window. You
could also run multiple php commands in the background. Here's a
windows example of doing that:

Not sure why you can't make multiple requests to the same file using
different browsers though.

Philipp Lenssen wrote:
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Re: Running multiple threads wrote:

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To OP:

The reason he has to wait for the first request to finish is most probably  
caused by the use of sessions.
A script that uses a session must wait for ending of the execution of a  
former request to any script that uses the same session.

Erwin Moller

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